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This summer started off with a bang (Paola’s wedding) but then quickly slipped into a slower pace. I wondered how I would handle the monotony of quiet Akumal life for the next two months. And then suddenly that all changed when Meg called me on July 22, two weeks before her due date, to say that she was in the hospital ready to have the baby.  I was surprised, nervous and excited, and twelve hours later I was on a plane to San Francisco. Luckily (for me, not for Meg) the labor was long and slow and when I arrived Meg was still many hours from delivering.  I don’t know what I expected, but seeing my little sister in a delivery room about to give birth was such a moving experience for me.

12 hours to go

All smiles on our end!

I still think of her as twelve years old, and we kept joking, “Babies having babies!” But she handled it like a real pro, and John says she was quiet as a mouse as she pushed baby Della out the next morning.

I stayed in Pacifica for two weeks and totally enjoyed every minute with Meg’s growing family: my new niece Della, my recently acquired niece and nephew Gaby and JT, and my brother-in-law John.   I helped as much as I could to make everyone’s life easier while they adjusted to a new baby and all that brings.  It sounds funny (and not like me at all), but I truly enjoyed being helpful and needed, and was happy to shuttle kids to gymnastics, take them for walks on the beach, and fill them with junk food (donuts, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell were our most common meals).

Noni is loving this!

It was Gaby and JT’s idea to throw Della a surprise party when she first came home. They carefully picked out balloons that said “Welcome” and “Good luck!” They were so adorable telling everyone at the store that their two-day-old baby sister was coming home!

I also enjoyed quality time with my sister.  The first night they brought Della home John had a cold and was coughing a lot, so Meg sent him to swap with me on the couch. So Meg and I slept with Baby Della the first night. Meg was up feeding her most of the night, and I would look over at her every once in awhile, wishing I could help, but then of course nodding off again.  I definitely got the “full” experience!  Since Mark and I are not planning to have our own kids, I really appreciate getting this close to the action.

We took Della out for lunch when she was six days old. Is that wrong?

It was so hard to leave them, and I hope to go back soon for another visit. Already Della is growing so fast!  I can’t wait to see them all again, but I’m grateful I was able to share all this with them.

a few months earlier


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