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Isla Mujeres: No Shirt, No Problem

So, what do you pack in a bag when you plan to go away to a little island for a day and a night?  The basics, right? A change of clothes at least.  Well, as we boarded the ferry to Isla Mujeres yesterday I looked at Mark and noticed, as usual, all he was wearing were his flip flops and board shorts.

“You did bring a shirt, right?”  

“Oops,” he said.

So we spent a whole day and night in Isla Mujeres and somehow he got by without a shirt. If you know Mark, this probably doesn’t surprise you!

I suppose this was the right place to forget his shirt!

Here are a few more pics.

Avalon Hotel. Beautiful location at the northern tip of the island, totally surrounded by water. As usual, we stumble upon a great low-season last minute bargain!

We spent the next day cruising the five-mile island in a golf cart–fun 24 hour getaway!


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